How do I submit a cover song?

and what do i need to do?

When it comes to submitting a cover song, you’ll need to find the original Composer(s) and Songwriter(s) for the song. Both of these fields will need to have the legal names, not artist names.

You can do a simple online search to find this information for the song or you can search your Performing Rights Society’s database for original songwriter and publishing information. 

Once you’ve found them, you’ll need to add and assign them within the Artists & Contributors section as Composer and/or Lyricist. The Display artist and Main artist will be whomever has performed this cover. For example, it should look like this:

You’ll then need to mark this as ‘Yes’ to being a cover:

If you already have a cover license, you can upload it there. If you haven’t got a cover licence yet, we can get one for you! Simply tick the box for us to provide you with one.

Once you’ve completed all the details, the final stage is to Submit your song!