What account type is right for me?

Our accounts are designed to allow everyone to use Music Gateway in a way that’s suitable to them. Our goal is to create a platform that opens a variety of gateways to the music industry for everyone and empowers them to further their career.

You can see a full breakdown of what each subscription provides on our pricing page but below we’ve described the type of person we’ve built each account for to help guide you to the most suitable subscription for you.

The main thing to note, is that whilst there are a number of restrictions on our free subscription, the main restriction to consider across all account types is the track limitation

Free Subscription

Our free subscription is designed for music industry beginners. It allows someone to use each of our products for their first couple of songs and releases. You can master, distribute and have your song represented for TV & Film opportunities before having to make a decision on whether you want to continue your music industry journey!

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Whilst it’s not included in your subscription we absolutely recommend that those suitable for the Free subscription check out our Artist Development programmes.

Pro Subscription

Our pro subscription is designed for exactly that, the pros! The first of our premium subscriptions, this account gives you access to all areas to every product with a track limitation of up to 80 tracks. Perfect for those independent industry professionals with a decent sized catalogue of music and wanting the additional features across distribution and sync representation.

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Whilst it’s not included in the subscription we also recommend that those suitable for the Pro subscription check out our Music Promotion Services for your future releases.

Unlimited Subscription

Our unlimited subscription is a no holds barred account as well as having the most competitive commission rates across distribution royalties, sync licences and publishing admin revenue. This subscription is designed for labels, publishers and managers with large catalogues of music. We do also have a lot of independent industry professionals who consider this account to save costs on the commission rates depending on their regular revenue streams. 

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If your questions haven’t been answered in our FAQs and you’d like to discuss the accounts more, contact our Support team with the account you’re considering and what you want to know – we’re happy to help!