What are Music Gateway's promotional campaigns?

Our services enable us to offer a variety of bespoke campaigns around the goals of your release. Take a look at the different promotional areas we work in.

  1. Digital Service Provider (DSP) Campaigns: Music Gateway is partnered with Spotify, allowing us access and vast reach to their playlists and involved curators. We essentially pitch an artist's track to the curator network and distribute to spotify ensuring we have maximum exposure on that track to achieve the number of streams needed, depending on the campaign tier. 
  2. Digital Marketing Campaigns: With our in house expertise on Social Media and extensive understanding of various digital platforms, we are able to offer a bespoke service on our digital media campaigns to ensure we direct the right people to your fanbase and grow your following. In addition to this we have built great relationships with an influencer network that has opened doors for artists within TikTok and Instagram. 
  3. Radio Campaigns: Music Gateway has many contacts globally with radio producers and presenters. We pride ourselves in being able to offer a global radio reach where a campaign could be designed to target one particular territory or many. Our A&R team look at working with you to get any radio edits right and ensure we can get you broadcasted and even within territory specific charts. 
  4. Press (PR) Campaigns: Press coverage is a great way to build on an artist's story. Our PR contacts have managed to secure features in Wonderland, Clash, Notion, Classic Rock and many more mainstream publications that have really helped build on the exposure and fanbase of an artist. 
  5. Sync Promotional Campaigns: Sync Promo campaigns are a great way of increasing the visibility of your music within the sync market. A campaign involves us pitching you and your music directly to 20-30 key sync targets at major production companies, advertising agencies, and TV networks (depending on music suitability), plus a number of other benefits to help make your music discoverable for sync outside of our general representation.