What format does my audio need to be in?

Any audio you upload must be at least 16-bit (4410 Hz or higher) studio-quality stereo WAV. We also accept Flac or AIFF files.

Please only upload complete recordings. That means no snippets or segments of tracks that cut off abruptly or partway through the recording – and no extended periods of silence within your tracks.

If you need to convert your music to the correct format, the simplest way is to use iTunes.

  1. Launch your audio file in iTunes.
  2. Select ‘preferences’ in the top menu, followed by ‘import settings’.
  3. Change this to ‘WAV Encoder’ and the following settings: 16 bit (sample size), 44.1 kHz (sample rate), 1411 kbps (bit rate).

This will convert your files to the right format.