What is Music Gateway?

An online platform empowering the independent music market to reach their full potential and build sustainable businesses by combining cutting-edge technology and a team of industry experts.

It's the ultimate music hub for artist services. Music Gateway provides a space for artists, labels & publishers to manage their music from distribution to promotional campaigns as well as administration of publishing rights and sync representation. 

With everything you need in one place, Music Gateway also enables you to retain 100% ownership of your rights, keeping you completely in control of your catalogue.


Distribute your music to 150+ platforms with one of Spotify's Official Preferred Providers.


Work with our A&R and creative teams on promotional campaigns across Spotify, Press, Radio, YouTube and Socials to maximise the results of your release campaign and generate exciting results.


As one of the original sync agencies in the world and supported by music supervisors and production houses worldwide we operate a global catalogue of independent music for licensing opportunities across TV, Film, Advertising & Games.

Publishing Admin

Allow us to register and collect your administration royalties on your behalf. In some cases we can double your earnings all whilst you retain 100% of your copyright.


Our AI Mastering tool is accessible to all account holders for those looking for a quick, high quality master of their songs before release. Recommended for those who do not have access to traditional mastering engineers.

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