Why does Spotify not allow Pre-release and “Instant Grat”?

Spotify doesn’t currently support pre-release or “Instant Grat” releases. An “Instant Grat” is a multi track release where tracks go live at different date/times throughout the campaign.

Releases delivered in this way will appear on the Artist page with only X amount of tracks live. There’ll be no indication that it’s a pre-order / pre-stream. This type of release style causes confusion for users and has led to many complaints that the release is broken. Followers receive a notification to tell them the release is live, when in fact it it’s incomplete.

On release date, the full release goes live with the remaining tracks and no further notifications are sent to followers. Not only is this a bad experience for users, it’s a bad marketing experience for the label and Artist.

For this reason, Spotify may take down releases in this format, which is beyond our control as a distributor. For single tracks to be available ahead of the full album release, you’ll need to deliver them as separate single releases instead.